Eric Alzaroui, MSA,ATP, EA, ATA

Eric AlzarouiEric obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information System and Business Administration from Ramapo University of New Jersey and also a Master degree in Science and Taxation from Central Michigan University. During his 15 years of experience in providing professional services to a wide variety of individual and business clients, Eric had obtained his license from the United States Department of the Treasury as a “Federally Licensed Tax Practitioner” where he can practice taxation in all 50 States.

He also established Paramount Accounting & Tax Services which provides comprehensive accounting services to businesses and individuals, and it plays a central role in the community as one of the leading firms in the area. Eric specializes in audits and appeals before the IRS; he provides in-depth tax guidance to businesses and individuals, handles a wide range of business management, business consulting, taxation, and management consulting.

Eric has a wide range of industry experience including health care, construction, information technology, aerospace, assisted living, wholesale industry, real estate, non-profit organizations, estate and gift planning, family-owned business succession planning, and tax planning and compliance for trusts and estates. He also specializes in Federal and multi-state compliance for corporations, individuals, non-profits and partnerships. He has been helping clients minimize their income tax liability with strategic tax planning and preparation.

The many years of experience in combination with the educational background has Eric focusing on financial due-diligence assignments for numerous clients which had led him to pursue his accreditation as a Specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions. He utilizes his knowledge in Business Valuation and performs business valuations for estates, gifting, corporate planning and buy-sell agreements. His broad range of business involvements and partnerships had led him to gain high experience in the assisted living mergers and acquisitions field.

In addition, he oversee the financial reporting for clients in a variety of industries including assisted living facilities. As a Tax Advisor and Tax Preparer, he is accredited by The Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation. He has been serving as a member of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, the National Society of Accountants, The National Association of Enrolled Agents, and The Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation as well.